CELEBRATE is a trend forecasting fashion video where the inspiration is Pantone´s  Palace Blue from the London Fashion Week Spring 2018 Color Palette .

The production team consisted of different fashion designers and filmmakers who put their work together in order to achieve this goal. 

Film Direction & Editing : Geena Geneza

Film Crew :  Slava Kapelushny , Armando Ruiz, Yann Plouin 

Fashion Styling Direction, Casting, Art Direction: Daniela Franken

Props  : Valentina Valor 

MUA: Eseosa 

Hair Stylist: Angela Ohana 

Cast: Pauline Pfaffe , Hannah McGlynn, Dan McNeil, Jessica-Jean Braun, Iman Hassan, Roberto Garza, Christian Garcia


Nebu is the egyptian symbol for gold. 

Ancient Egyptians believed that gold was  a heavenly and indestructible metal. 

Such as the models in this photoshoot. 

Photography : Grace Liu 

Photography : Eva Yañez

MUA: Chelsea Penney 

Hair Stylist: Sabrina Fetterkind 

Model: Effie Goldfarb 

Model: Paulina Cam