I'ts Nice to meet you!


Hola! I'm Daniela, a creative soul and a self-declared extrovert. I am a designer and marketing graduate from BCIT’s Marketing Communications program. 

My portfolio showcases a diverse range of visuals that reflect my vision of aesthetics. It illustrates the diversity of projects I’ve enjoyed being involved in. Ranging from photoshoots that I’ve styled and directed, to designs I’ve created and a sustainable lingerie collection made of recycled materials featured in Vancouver Fashion Week.

My passion for social media, marketing trends and e-commerce inspired me to co-found ¡SOY! - a digital marketing agency. Where we focus on creating strategies that strengthen small businesses and make them competitive in the online world. 

At Soy I wear many hats. I’m in charge of public relations, customer acquisition and relationship building, content creation, social media management, website design and creative strategy. 

After living in Mexico City for 21 years, I moved to Vancouver in quest of a creative adventure. Here, I’ve had the opportunity to tailor and teach courses in creative thinking, design, sewing and photography.  These experiences have made me fall in love with the process of teaching and mentoring.

I am always open for collaborations , special projects, receiving feedback and making new friends. 

The door is open so please feel free to reach out!

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